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Our Clients:

Since 1991 we have assisted attorneys, banks, insurance companies, municipalities, small businesses and large corporations with their litigation and investigative accounting needs.


Our staff and associates include CPA's and CFE's (Certified Fraud Examiners) who are experienced in fraud and accounting issues. Our flexibility ensures that appropriate staff are utilized to keep fees at a minimum while ensuring the highest quality service.

Case Planning:

Years of forensic accounting experience have given us a keen sense of how to tailor services to each client's specific needs. Our auditing, accounting systems, and fraud investigation knowledge enables us to prioritize goals, identify key points and develop the most efficient approach to each issue.

Computer and Database Capabilities:

Our expertise in computer systems and databases enables us to "slice and dice" large quantities of data thoroughly, while focusing on targeted objectives. Our knowledge of computer software enables us to structure analyses in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Document Management:

Our office's technology is invaluable on large engagements with extensive document management requirements. We are experienced in scanning, bates stamping, cataloging and working with large quantities of documents.
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