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Here are some examples where our expertise has proven invaluable to our clients:

  • Civil and criminal matter involving unauthorized transfers of cash between companies. Analyzed over 15,000 financial transactions; documented $500,000 embezzlement for deposition exhibits and testimony which led to settlement in our client’s favor.
  • Insurance claim dispute over inventory valuation. Three years of incomplete accounting records were reconstructed to document and obtain favorable claim settlement for our client.
  • Successful defense against IRS criminal charges when substantially all company records had been destroyed. Reconstructed three years' accounting records from incomplete supporting documentation to exonerate our client.
  • Compliance audit to determine whether a borrowing entity's accounting systems and procedures were in compliance with requirements set by our client lender. Discovered serious shortcomings and procedural inadequacies; documented major embezzlement and assisted with criminal prosecution.
  • Money laundering activities proven through reconstruction of four years of cash transactions. Our insurance client was able to deny insured’s claim based on non-disclosure of criminal activity.
  • Defense against criminal tax charges involving corporation's sources and uses of cash. Reconstructed three years of cash and payroll data; presented prosecutors with report which exonerated our client.
  • Civil litigation for business interruption costs; analyzed trends and documented claim for our client to obtain advantageous settlement.
  • Examination of municipality’s records and financial transactions to determine elected officials' and employees' compliance with state laws, municipal policies, and ethics regulations. Our documentation of ethics violations resulted in charges filed by the Rhode Island Ethics Commission against an elected official.
  • Municipal audit involving reconstruction of nine years of incomplete tax records. Report led to improved Town policies and changes in the Town charter, as well as documentation for insurance claim.
  • Investigation and documentation of retail embezzlement; prepared insurance claim and negotiated successful settlement for our client.
  • Review for a bank of small business’s records and bankruptcy buyout proposal. We documented trends and evidence of illegalities which bettered the bank's position in negotiations with the buyout entity.
  • Partnership dispute over buyout price. Our review of realty company records documented misappropriation of assets by a managing partner and dramatically improved our clients’ negotiated buyout price.
  • Investigation of employee embezzlement at a large apartment complex. Wrote insurance claim report to obtain maximum insurance settlement for our client and assisted in criminal prosecution.
  • Partnership dispute and fraud investigation. Documented fraud and mismanagement by the managing partner; our report bettered our client’s position by $1.5 million in buyout negotiations.
  • Examination of spouse’s business records during divorce negotiations. Documentation of fraud and tax evasion strengthened our client’s negotiating position and resulted in higher monetary settlement than had been expected.

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